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Chat Before You Pat™ offers two programs tailored for children and parents:

For Children

Our education sessions cater to children from Prep to Year 4, offering interactive sessions lasting 20-30 minutes. Each engaging session involves hands-on practice with our soft toy dogs, allowing children to learn safe approaches even if they're initially apprehensive about dogs.

Topics covered in each session include:

  • Understanding a dog's body language (angry, sad, scared, and happy cues)

  • Preparing before approaching a dog

  • Correct methods for approaching a dog

  • Situations when not to approach a dog - the dos and don'ts

  • Appropriate actions if a dog changes from a happy to scared or angry state

  • Safety guidelines around familiar dogs


For Parents

We conduct educational information sessions designed specifically for parents.

These sessions, lasting between 45 minutes to an hour, aim to educate parents on teaching dog safety to their children. They cover various crucial aspects, including:

  • Statistics on dog incidents involving children

  • Understanding the causes of these incidents

  • Preventative measures

  • Interpreting dog behavior (aggressive, fearful, happy, etc.)

  • Recommended apps for assistance

  • Guidelines on how children should approach dogs and when to refrain

  • Safety measures around familiar dogs

We visit schools and educational institutions, conducting interactive sessions (approx. 30 mins) for children during class hours. Additionally, we provide informative sessions for parents after school hours (approx. 45 mins to one hour), featuring Q&A sessions.

Parents can explore our PARENTS CORNER for guidance on teaching their children to stay safe around dogs.

For more information, email us at or fill out the contact form here.

Chat Before You Pat Programs
Chat Before You Pat Programs
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