About Chat Before You Pat™


Chat Before You Pat™ is an initiative launched in 2019 with the purpose of encouraging children (and adults) to Chat Before They Pat™.

The phrase "Chat Before You Pat™" was coined by Charlotte Bryan in 2019.

The goal is to simply encourage people to ask before they pat a dog that's not their own.

"My dog Frankie doesn't dislike people but but sometimes, he's a little unsure about them. When people Chat Before They Pat™, I can explain to them the correct way to approach Frankie so that the experience is a positive one for him"

- Chat Before You Pat™ Founder, Charlotte Bryan

Primarily an online initiative, the team behind Chat Before You Pat™ encourages you to use our trademarked hashtags:






If you are going to use them however, we ask that you link to our page (if on the web) or tag our page @ChatBeforeYouPat™ (if on Social Media).


Chat Before You Pat™ visits kindergartens and pre-schools for dog safety sessions. These are $30 AUD for 20-30 min sessions. Click here for more information.


Chat Before You Pat™ also appears at local community events to spread the word on child safety. Want Chat Before You Pat™ to appear at your event? Click here (at this stage event involvement is free of charge).


Are you a parent? Visit out parents page, click here.



"One thing every child (and adult) should be taught is to chat before they pat"

- Australian Dog Lover, 
July 21st 2020

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