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About Chat Before You Pat™


Chat Before You Pat™ is an educational initiative that was pioneered in 2019 by Charlotte Bryan, a Dog Trainer & Behaviourist passionate about promoting safer interactions between individuals and dogs.

The heart of our mission revolves around the fundamental belief that encouraging communication before physical interaction fosters safer and more positive experiences for both humans and our canine friends.

Our Mission

At Chat Before You Pat™, our primary mission is simple yet impactful: to instil the habit of asking for permission before petting a dog, especially if it's not your own. We aim to educate and empower children and adults alike to understand the importance of seeking consent from a dog's owner or handler before initiating physical contact.


Promoting Dog Safety Through Communication

The core principle of "Chat Before You Pat™" is based on the understanding that dogs, like humans, have individual preferences and boundaries. By initiating a conversation and seeking permission before petting a dog, individuals demonstrate respect for the dog's comfort and space, thereby minimizing the risk of unwanted interactions or accidents.


Join Us in Spreading Awareness

Through educational programs, engaging sessions, and community outreach, we strive to create a culture of awareness and respect around dog safety. By joining our initiative, you become part of a movement that aims to create safer environments for both humans and dogs.


Get Involved

Whether you're an educator, a parent, a dog enthusiast, or simply someone passionate about promoting dog safety, there are various ways to get involved. Explore our resources, attend our sessions, or support us through sponsorship to help us continue our vital work in fostering safer interactions between people and dogs.

Thank you for being part of the Chat Before You Pat™ community. Together, let's create a world where communication and respect pave the way for safer and more enjoyable experiences with our four-legged companions.

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If you are going to use them however, we ask that you link to our page (if on the web) or tag our page @ChatBeforeYouPat™ (if on Social Media).

Are you a parent? Visit out parents page, click here.



"One thing every child (and adult) should be taught is to chat before they pat"

- Australian Dog Lover, 
July 21st 2020

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